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Thoughts and emotions are forms of subtle energy; therefore, they are magnetic. What we attract in our lives depends on the quality of our minds. The grander and more positive our thoughts are, the better the lives that we create for ourselves will be. Therefore, a charismatic mind is a positive attitude.

If you are truly passionate and 1000% engaged in transforming your life by improving the quality of your thoughts and feelings, you’re in the right place. My goal is to provide accurate information, valuable insights, and useful tools that will help you develop and enjoy an enriched, empowered, charismatic mind.

Recent Charismatic Articles

The Mindset of a Winner

You probably don’t live on the battlefield and you probably hopefully will never need to see combat. But there are […]

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Finally, Surrendering to Love

When the time to surrender to love has come, you know it. You just know it. In your body, in […]

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What If We Have Been Programmed To Believe Lies?

Maybe everything we have been taught so far is wrong. Who says we have been living the truth? Perhaps our […]

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Sometimes You Need to Blow Things Up to See What Is Meant for You

Sometimes, you need to fire bridges to people or things you built and put your soul in. Over and over […]

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5 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Self-love can simply be defined as a regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. Self-love brings about inner peace, which […]

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The Magic in Your Mind

Did you know that you can actually rewire your brain by thinking new thoughts that align with the frequency of […]

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How to Keep Your Goals on Track and Achieve More

We all know that when it comes to goals, setting them isn’t the hardest part. Although it requires a lot […]

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Be like a Cherry Tree in Spring

No matter how many times you had faith and ended up being disappointed, continue to open up yourself. No matter […]

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The Roles That People Play in Our Lives

Learn to understand the role that people have in your life – they are not all the same. At every […]

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Set Your Intention in the Universe and Trust the Process

When it comes to setting your intention regarding a project, business, personal care or a relationship, the hardest, messiest and […]

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