10 Reasons why Reading is Healthier than Watching TV

People who have a passion for reading know what I am talking about. They also know that watching TV will never replace a good book. Someone who is keen on personal development will always give up the best movie that has ever been broadcast in order to read the most interesting book in the genre he is fond of.

Anyone who is addicted to books will spend more time in libraries than in front of the TV. Why?

Reason Number 1

A book increases your value. The novelties from the lives of the stars limit you (and if you have a weak level of personal trust, you will start to do your best to imitate them and take over their values).

Reason Number 2

A good book provides you with information that you can use whenever you evaluate yourself (regardless of your area of expertise). TV news incites fear and a very low level of energy.

Reason Number 3

Your free time is precious and must be carefully weighed. Any hour that you spend reading personal development or any other books you are keen on represents a safe and intelligent investment.

The hours spent in front of the TV watching entertainment shows, ordinary movies or political scandals are nothing but a way to distract your attention from the things that truly matter.

Reason Number 4

A good book is an excellent way to relax and be mentally relieved. Watching TV creates a fake feeling of disconnection as your mind continues to be overloaded by useless information and negative messages.

Reason Number 5

Reading stimulates your imagination and reasoning. It also contributes to brain health. Watching TV makes your neurons lazy. Use them; otherwise, you will lose them.

Reason Number 6

While reading gets you out of the house in a park, at a café, at the library, or other places where you can meet new people, watching TV keeps you inactive.

Reason Number 7

While you can choose the book to read according to the information that you consider relevant, TV offers you exactly what you bargained for. Most often, really useful information is scarce to find among the network of messages that misinform us.

Reason Number 8

People who are keen on reading communicate fluently and adequately. They improve their language abilities. The people who build their culture on TV programs (except documentaries) have a limited vocabulary and they lack in conversation skills.

Reason Number 9

People who are fond of reading never get bored.

Reason Number 10

Reading is attractive whereas watching without reading is commonplace. Watching with your mind’s eyes while reading is stimulating.


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