Be like a Cherry Tree in Spring

No matter how many times you had faith and ended up being disappointed, continue to open up yourself. No matter how deep and fresh your wound is, breathe.

In the middle of all your suffering, needs and fears, breathe. Stay within. There is nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.

Your pain is one the most authentic ways to connect to your soft, sweet and at the same time powerful core. It’s undeniable and valuable energy. You can use it to create a protective shield, or you can use it as a fuel, and a means to unveil your shining heart.

It’s easy to deny the feeling of being defeated, inadequate, left outside, ignored, or rejected. It comes almost naturally. Almost. But it’s not.

You are strong enough to make yourself comfortable amidst discomfort, unknown and unpleasant emotions. If the pain is too intense, you may do it gradually in your own rhythm, but don’t withhold this process from yourself.

Be like a cherry tree in spring. After it endured the harsh winds of the fall, the unmerciful temperatures of the winter, the snow and the frost, it still has the energy and the strength to blossom fully.

Even in cold, unpredictable springs, the cherry tree continues to sprout. Your soul is made of the same universal energy – the force of life.

Despite all the hurdles, insecurities, setbacks, mental and emotional doubts that may arise on your path, your essence yearns to come out to the surface. After every painful process, it becomes stronger and stronger. You may call it spiritual growth, if you want.

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