Body Talk and the Answers You Crave

Unclear, uncertain, complicated situations and difficult times can cause distress regardless of our mental training. As long as we experience life as humans, we find ourselves in an ongoing process of learning via the process of accurately clarifying uncertainty and overcoming challenges. Even though your instinct is to avoid hurdles and unpleasant feelings, the need to evolve and transform is stronger than the short term safety created by sticking to known paths.

Access What You Already Know on a Deeper Level

Although your mind is essential for survival and development, it also creates many barriers, unnecessary suffering, and disconnection from inner wisdom. It’s when you analyze the most that you lose access to and usage of what you already know on a deeper level.

Have you ever noticed the gap that arises when you try to find logical explanations and outside answers to emotional and spiritual matters?

I know I have.

I’ve never arrived at the right solutions when I focused my energy on searching signs or interpretations somewhere outside. I’ve always grown in understanding with the recognition that I was already in contact with my truth by paying attention to my body’s connection to otherwise hidden insights.

When facing confusion and doubtfulness, there is no other authentic way to recognize the truth than connecting with what you feel in the present moment. It’s not about what your mind says, or your heart wants, but it’s always about the energy that your body is in tune with.

Openness and Radical Honesty

Sometimes, both mind and heart are profoundly engaged in distorted realities. For example, we all know how perception, understanding, and even core beliefs are affected when we fall in love with someone. We’ve also all experienced the power of anger, and how it blinds the mind.

Even though our soul knows the right path, we must connect with a more embodied energy before we can see it clearly. Fortunately, that energy exists in every cell of our bodies, and contains the most authentic and concrete truth.

In order to get insights from within your body, you must be totally open and honest about who you are, and accept what you really need and feel. We often tend to manipulate the signals we get from our intuition through reasoning. There is a strong tendency to focus only on the desired outcome, and then ignoring what you don’t want to experience, or worse yet, pretend it doesn’t exist.

Remember, gratification and avoiding pain are natural drives, but they aren’t always the best options for personal growth let alone true happiness.

The Place Where You’ll Always Find Your Answers

If you are in search of your purest and most profound truth, you must cultivate an ability to detach from the tendency to seek answers outside of yourself. It is also important to resist the temptation to escape the pain that comes with taking on challenges and grappling with problems.

As you work on going inward to connect to deeper inner wisdoms, it can be helpful to hear how others are doing on their journey. I invite you to share your insights and experiences regarding bringing out your truths amidst challenging and blurred situations.

How did you feel before embracing the challenge, as you were going through it, and now as you look back?

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