How Can Metaphors Help You Raise Your Level of Vibration?

Powerful images and visual metaphors play a major role in our emotional state. Although we use them all the time in our daily lives, learning to consciously harness their power is a great instrument for improving the quality of our lives.

So what is a metaphor? A story, an image, or an idea that parallels another pattern or situation.

Imagination Is the Seed of Inner and Outer Reality

It can create beautiful things, or it can overshadow even the happiest experiences of our life.

Moreover, we always respond to the external events in correlation with our interpretations of the things that happen to us. It’s essential to understand that how we use our imaginations influences not only our mental and emotional health but also our performances in the world.

In a 2011 study, a researcher from Stanford University showed how metaphors influence thinking and the process of decision making. First, the researchers asked the students to read two reports about crime in the city of Addison and come up with a solution.

Wild Beast Preying on the City

In the first report, crime was described as a “wild beast preying on the city” and “lurking in neighborhoods.” After reading these descriptions, 75% of the participants came up with solutions that involved enforcement or punishment, such as building more jails or even calling the military for help. Only 25% put forward solutions as social reforms such as raising the level of the education, fixing the economy or providing a better health care.

Virus Infecting the City

In the second report, crime was described as a “virus infecting the city” and “plaguing” communities. Interestingly, after reading this version, only 56% opted for law enforcement, while 44% suggested social reforms. Moreover, only 3% of the students identified the metaphors as the key influencers of their solutions.

Using metaphors and images for our problems stirs up our creativity and helps us see things from different angles. Therefore, we are better able to find constructive solutions and helpful answers.

5 Powerful Metaphors for Raising Your Level of Vibration

Furthermore, when our emotions are at a low level and our thoughts become confusing, metaphors can wash away the negativity and boost our natural, positive frequencies. Here are five ways to increase your energy when feeling down:

1. Imagine you’re sitting under a waterfall in the middle of a magnificent, wild and green forest. As the water cascades down over your body, it washes away all your worries, negative emotions, and the wounds from your past. You feel more and more refreshed and at ease with yourself.

2. Imagine you dance in the rain and let the waterdrops clean your thoughts and your emotions. You are free, wealthy beyond your imagination, and at peace with everything there is in your life.

3. Imagine that you bathe in an ocean of love and serenity. You free yourself of everything that hinders or blocks you. You are blessed. The more you swim and bathe in the pure and crystalline water, the more relaxed you become.

4. Imagine you’re sitting under a warm shower and watching how all the negative energy washes off, and you become clean again. All your worries and tension go down with the water, and you feel like a newborn baby.

5. Imagine you are under a shining and sparkling ray of light which cleanses your aura and boosts your own inner light. You feel surrounded by divine grace, loved and powerful. Your heart opens like a lotus flower and starts to powerfully radiate compassion.

Since we commonly use metaphors when we communicate, why not use them consciously and get them work for us in the most beneficial, healing, and empowering ways?

If you have created your own images and they turned out to be effective in helping you regain your mental and emotional strength, please share them with us in the comment section below.

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