How to Elevate Your Charisma: 3 Essential Ingredients

When it comes to amplifying our charisma, it’s mostly all about energy. You can’t fake it. It’s something that comes from within. Charisma is a combination of subtle vibrations that radiate mainly from our thoughts and emotions.

Although physical appearance is part of the message that we transmit, it lasts just a few seconds, and without having a substantial background, it hasn’t enough power to touch others minds and hearts.

Charisma is the fragrance of your soul. (Toba Beta)

So what are the 3 most influential and important ingredients that build and channel charisma?

1. Practicing Meditation

A healthy, strong mind is a charismatic mind. I cannot stress enough the profound effect that meditation has on our level of presence and vitality. We are magnetically attracted to those who radiate health and calm. Everyone wants to be in the presence of someone who knows that everything has a solution and keeps their positive attitude in life no matter what they experience.

The thing about meditation is that you become more and more you. (David Lynch)

Meditation helps you build a strong sense of profound happiness, and most of all, it helps you connect to your authentic values. It’s like a radiant energy that surrounds you wherever you go and penetrates others. It’s contagious.
I’ve talked more about the benefits of meditation and what can leverage your practice here.

2. Having Unconditional Faith in Yourself

It really doesn’t matter where you find yourself in life right at this point. Trusting yourself is a choice you can make at any moment. It has nothing to do with your past, nor with the mistakes you’ve made. On the contrary, your past experiences are the best possible teachers. They show you’ve tried for something.

Unwavering faith is charismatic. It draws people to you.

Most importantly, choosing to unconditionally trust yourself literally transforms your life. First of all, it changes the way you think. Therefore, it changes your goals, too. You begin to aim higher and higher, which drives you to more success and fulfillment. It’s a positive and healthful cycle.

Your mental attitude is what attracts people, and makes them want to know you and be in your presence. Feeling good is a magnetic feeling!

3. Being Aligned With Your Truths and Core Values Amplifies Your Charisma

Living your life guided by your most profound nature begets a powerful and deep energy! Charisma means being authentic. Faking or living according to others expectations or beliefs block your pure light. Therefore, your energy blends into the crowd and slowly fades away. It is essential to know your core values and dare to steer your life according to them. What else can make you happier, stronger and more able to inspire others?

“Focus on making choices to lead your life that aligns with your core values in the most purposeful way possible.” (Roy T. Bennet)

I invite you to share your personal practices for elevating your charisma and authentic energy by posting your comment in the section below.


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