How to Keep Your Goals on Track and Achieve More

We all know that when it comes to goals, setting them isn’t the hardest part.
Although it requires a lot of soul searching, self-actualization and getting in touch with your deepest values, and deciding what you really want is rather exciting and fun. At least, most of the time.

On the other hand, keeping your goals on track, staying motivated, finding the energy to do so and actually achieve everything you need is more challenging somehow. It is more complex.

How Do High Achievers Do It?

We are not only subject to change, transformations and mind inconstancies but also we leave in an era with a plethora of options. All of these realities coupled with our distraction by thousands of stimulus result in us being less able to stay focused and engaged on our goals. So, how do successful people and high achievers do it?

Gain More by Doing Less

Although I don’t consider myself the most goals-driven person in the world, I do achieve everything I want, and I succeed in areas where most people fail. What I have learned along my journey is that you can actually gain more by doing less.

The key lies in having the big picture clear in your mind, break down long term goals in milestones, visualizing your arrival to your destination and build habits that help you move forward without effort.

Although this may seem complicated, once you get everything together, it works, and the rewards are heavenly worth it.

Steps like creating a structured system, having the big moves planned, keeping a journal of my thoughts, ideas, and progress, having pictures with the things I want (creating vision boards or videos) and consulting this agenda every day help me the most in reaching my goals.

A Smart and Easy to Use Application

Nowadays, there are many instruments, gadgets, and smart applications, which are meant to assist you in almost everything you need. However, what I find as the one of the most efficient, structured and easy to navigate through platforms for setting goals target is called Goals on Track (I will leave the link at the end of this post).

This application has integrated all the steps and resources I was talking about earlier. From teaching you how to create S.M.A.R.T. goals, multi-level goal structure, progress, and habit tracking tools, built-in goal templates to a calendar, vision boards, and the possibility to create a dynamic slideshow, journal, report & charts.

This software is sophisticated, yet it is easy to use and has everything that you need to make your dreams come true. It also has a responsive design for all screen so you can use it on your mobile everywhere you go.

Evaluate Your Goals Periodically

Nevertheless, there are lots and lots of other tools, devices, applications and software that can ease your goals management and help you stay on track. As I was saying at the start of this blog topic, following your path to success in any endeavor asks for constancy, energy, patience, and clarity.

Also, what’s equally important is to evaluate your goals and needs periodically, and see how they have changed along as you have evolved. Although some needs, dreams, and aspirations may transform into something else, your core values will tend to remain as the cardinal points in your journey.

Resources & useful tools for change:

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