Signs That You Are Heading to a Significant Change in Your Life

When you’re about to change something essential in your life (career, family life, the country that you live in, friends, etc.), be aware of the crucial transformations you’ll experience within yourself first. All these symptoms are of good omen, but they can temporarily cause discomfort, introspection, difficulties, and the dissolving of old structures.

It’s vital for you to become aware of these signs, as they are part of the changing process that you are in. They are necessary, natural, and healthy.

In other words, the transformations that you experience on a mental and emotional level help you separate yourself from the old structures: ideas, people, or situations that don’t serve you anymore. Therefore, you become more prepared for the new reality that awaits you.

The more intense the symptoms are, the nearer the change is.

Even though they can be absolutely challenging, they lead to a better and more beautiful life for you.

As a general rule, this process isn’t linear. You can feel mixed emotions like happiness-fear, motivation-confusion, joy-numbness, and all sort of other feelings that all profound changes bring about.

It’s natural, and it’s OK to dive into your inner states.

On the one hand, you feel a strong calling to another world. On the other, there are still some old structures that need to dissolve.

Remain connected to your body and allow yourself to experience whatever you need to for you to become your higher self.

Be sure that you resonate 1000% with the change that you want in your life, trust yourself, concentrate your attention on the reality that you desire, make yourself comfortable in the middle of discomfort, and act as you feel is good for you. The Universe will fully reward your work, patience, and trust.

Do you feel as if you’re heading for a big change, or have you experienced one? If so, tell us about how you felt and what you did to make the transition easier.

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