Trust Yourself, Trust the Process

The process of growing and transforming is like being struck by the lightning power of the Universe.

It can be painful and messy because the Universe will always use the fastest means possible to get us where we need to go. Out of the ashes of what needed to be stripped away, a new, more powerful, more vibrant you will grow and take place in the world.

As much as you may want to avoid painful challenges, your best option is to give in and embrace it so that you can grow past it and move on to better as quickly as possible. Since the guiding force and power of the Universe is love, you cannot fail to be who you came here to be so long as you embrace the process and have an open mind.

If it Doesn’t Challenge You, It Doesn’t Change You

When you look at all the choices you have made in life, you may conclude that they seemed like the most logical or rational thing to do at the time. In fact, even if you told yourself that you were doing something “rash,” it may have seemed “logical” at some level. If you look to the level behind or under these rationalizations and views, you are likely to find that “logic” was closely pegged to avoiding pain or dealing with something “unknown.”

Blocking out the messy parts of life will cost you the guidance required to reach a deeper level of happiness and fulfillment. When it comes to learning and growing, if something doesn’t challenge your “logic,” it won’t change you either.

There are many times when the logical mind works against your highest good because its role is to avoid pain, discomfort, and change. The logical mind will repeat destructive patterns precisely because they are known and predictable. On the other hand, if you want to be happy, then you need to do something different or “unknown.”

Set Aside the Rules and Trust the Process

The smartest thing to do (and also the most counter-intuitive) is to set aside the rules and trust the process. Trust the pain to lead you to useful gain.

I am not saying to search for unnecessary drama, conflicts or anything that causes you suffering just for the sake of learning faster because that isn’t the way it goes. Instead, follow the natural course of your growth and accept both the positive and adverse events. Know your core values and goals. Go after what you need and desire, work for it as you give Universe space to unfold its magic.

Practice Openness Whenever You Go Through Emotional Storms

When you stop fearing disappointment, hurt, and pain, you gain the power to transform everything that happens into growth and progress.

The unleashing and redirection of universal force come with both challenges and benefits. This balance and flow are unavoidable, natural, and necessary for your spiritual growth and mental expansion.

Whenever you go through emotional storms, intense pain, and foggy periods, practice openness and remember the Universe has your back, as an individual and as a part of the human species in its journey to enlightenment. If the Universe shows you something bigger or better, follow it. When you encounter a challenge, embrace it and never look back. Dive deep into all these feelings and learn to align with the loving embrace of the Universe.

Remember, though, the power of universal love is as fierce as it is miraculous.

As you learn to embody it and respect its potential and manifestation, you will also understand why uncomfortable experiences are part of human existence and the cultivation of inner wisdom and happiness.


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