3 Thinking Habits That Stimulate Happiness

In life, it’s not the external events that influence us the most, but what we think about them. Everything that takes place within ourselves has a more rapid, intense, and lasting effect than the majority of our problems.

While we have a limited power of control over the things that happen outside of us, we always have the freedom to choose what kind of thoughts and emotions we nurture. In other words, we often can’t change what happens to us, but we can change how we feel about it and respond to it. Isn’t it that right?

A single shift in perception can alter your mood, your choices, and therefore your entire life.

A problem I often encounter when I work with people on their personal development process is the imbalance that occurs between what it is and what the person wants it to be. When ignored or misunderstood, this mental and emotional gap stirs up deep feelings of dissatisfaction and leaves the person feeling unfulfilled.

Falling into this trap can be easy. The key to avoiding it? You have to fully vibrate with a higher vision of your life and always practice remaining connected with what you are, have or do in the present moment.

Here are 3 of the most influential ways to do it:

1. Identify your most authentic and deepest values

Always choose destinations and goals for yourself that really represent who you are and what you believe in.

Also, if you feel inspired and motivated by other people, be sure that you sincerely resonate with their values or lifestyles. Align what brings the most amount of happiness and fulfillment with your deepest needs and virtues, no matter where you find yourself in life.

2. Celebrate each personal achievement

Happiness isn’t a marathon or a destination toward which you run. You don’t want to forget to admire the landscape and enjoy the journey because you’ll miss out on what’s truly important.

When you focus too much on the future, you tend to forget about all the beautiful things that you already have or do. Being too busy to achieve your goals inevitably leads to taking your achievements and your victorious moments for granted.

Always remember to celebrate and thoroughly enjoy each dream that comes true, each desire that you fulfill for yourself. Everything that you do in the present moment helps you materialize the highest vision of your life.

3. Use the past as an indicator of your evolution

Look how far all your experiences and efforts brought you! Think about yourself two, three, five, or ten years ago. When you invest attention and energy in recalling your past achievements and successes, you connect with one of the most powerful energy in the Universe: GRATITUDE.

In order to create more happiness in your life, it’s essential to stay tuned to the frequency of self-appreciation. Don’t overlook your past victories—honor them again and again. This habit recharges you with positive energy, faith, and motivation!

The world that you fully vibrate with exists, and it’s about to materialize itself. All you have to do is continue your growth process by nurturing healthy habits and remaining connected with all your inner resources.

If you have questions or would like to share how you focus on the present, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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