How to Tap the Infinite Power Beneath Your Protective Shields

An open mind and vulnerability are like an open hand. Rationality and force of will are like a clenched fist balled up in fear.

We often see rationality and force of will as signs of power even though they are the weakest position of all to be in. An open hand can receive and hold, a clenched fist can do neither. In fact, if you look back on your life and the most difficult times, you will find that the worst and most difficult ones are those in which you tried to reason your way through, or force your will on everything and everyone around you.

Openness and Vulnerability Leads to the Death of the Ego

Under the surface, your rational mind fears openness because it leads to the death of the ego. The death of ego, along with its wants and incessant demand for attention feels like a more permanent form of death instead of an entrance into vibrant consciousness and increased enlightenment.

Once you start seeing past the games of your rational mind, you will eventually realize that the deepest desire most people have is to be seen as they truly are and to be accepted. The more we try to manipulate, rationalize, or cover ourselves with protective shells, the more distant we get from complete acceptance because all that is conscious around us instinctively recognizes that there is a barrier of falseness.

Are Those Protective Shells of Any Use at All?

For some situations, the shells can be like temporary crutches that buy you some time to tap into the will to reach out again. Most of the time, though, they aren’t just unnecessary, they do more harm than good. When those shells are in place, they prevent you from learning, growing, and healing. They also create a resistance and barrier in your life that will generate bigger and worse obstacles until the shell is broken or you release it.

Life Force is a Flowing River, Not a Stick in the Mud

From my own experience, I’ve learned that life isn’t really interested in one’s brilliant logic, self-will, or the capacity to restrain from wrong. On the contrary, it provokes and defies all these qualities just to show you otherwise.

The Universe also tends to have a weird sense of humor. It will challenge you to see the ironies, it will introduce poetic justice until you can only laugh in wonder.

Life likes to take what it sees as the path of least resistance no matter how messy it is. When it comes right down to it, life force and the universe that is built of it has no liking for stiffness, or for that matter anything that has to do with rational control.

Just try to block or run away from your most profound emotions, feelings, and bodily sensations to see what happens.

Within a short time, you will find things happening that bring up those emotions and sensations again and again. The level of pressure will not go down, instead, it will amplify, intensify and finally burst out. Self-discipline and logic are necessary just for some parts of life.

Challenges That Force You to Grow

Spiritual growth, however, depends more on our capacity to let go of the known, open beyond any limit, and make ourselves comfortable in the middle of uncertainty. They present dreadful challenges and elicit fear in order to force us to drop the barriers, dismiss ego, and embrace who and what we really are; part of an infinite and wondrous whole. This process is, by necessity, painful, confusing, and may come with unforeseen results. We must bear the dark and keep going even when we can’t see the path.

As long as you are moving, you are on the right track because all paths lead to the same finish line.

As I was saying earlier, your authentic power lies dormant beneath all the barriers created by ego. Once you confront your deepest fears, you will realize that you were perfectly safe, whole, and powerful beyond imagination all along. To get to that realization and to step into that reality, you must learn to be open first.

Whenever life puts you in situations that have nothing to do with logic or the capacity to exert our will, it is a signal that it is time to take a leap of faith. Look inside to see what you are most afraid of and what you most want to avoid. Once you uncover that belief and let go of the shield, a most treasured and beautiful quest begins. This is where you are truly safe and powerful beyond our imagination.

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