If You Want to Change the World, Start From Inside

We all often hear about how making a positive and profound change in the world around you is a better way of living.

Contributing to the good of others is a high and noble purpose, but only when it comes from the right place. I mean that you cannot make qualitative and lasting transformations in the outer world without starting from inside.

The Intention Must Be…

… to explore yourself, find your highest motivations, know what challenges you and your deal-breakers too, learn to love everything about you, transform your thinking habits, bring as many positive emotions as you can in your life, commit yourself to your journey regardless of what other people have to say about it, and above all, trust the process.

Point often overlooked, changing the world isn’t so much about good intentions as it is about self-transformation.

It’s useless to plan a strategy when you don’t have the resources.

Equally, you may have a great plan to stop the poverty or to raise the level of education in the poor worlds, if you aren’t authentically engaged in the process and don’t have the right mindset, your actions will remain echoless.

Profound Growing Process

Whenever you hear about a man with a significant impact on the lives of others, it’s about someone who has been through a profound growing process.

Someone who had his share of challenges, sorrows, victories, disappointments, insights, revelations, aspirations and strong desires.

Someone who had to face his inner fears and push his limits repeatedly.

Someone who has been strong enough to follow his path regardless of its weirdness, setbacks, discomfort, and uncertainties.

Forget About Changing the World

Having a qualitative influence in the lives of others means being committed to your journey and growing process.

Forget about changing the world.

Change yourself and the world around you will ripe the benefits too.

Set yourself the intention to be as authentic as you can be, and you will inspire others also. Find your passion and highest motivation, follow your happiness, trust your strength, always expand your resources and the people around you will feel energized.

Start from inside. It’s always the best you can do.


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