How to Know if it’s Your Fear Speaking or Your Intuition

In our spiritual growth process, many of us become confused when it comes to recognizing the difference between fear and intuition. Being in the middle of a profound change or standing at a crossroad, not knowing what path to choose, can be both invigorating and exhausting.

When faced with change, obstacles, or uncertainty, our rational mind starts creating lots of negative scenarios and thousands of fearful thoughts.

Although the intuition always sends us messages, it can be tough to interpret them due to so many fear-based signals. Here there are some useful ways and insights that help me to get in touch with my intuition and avoid being overwhelmed by doubts:

The rational mind/fear:

– is always loud and it never stops chattering
– is based on past negative experiences or dark scenarios of the future
– is resistant to change and transformation
– constantly seeks to avoid something: pain, suffering, discomfort, loss, abandonment, or confusion
– needs to know for sure, understand, feel safe, and gain certainty
– highly operates from an emotional place
– triggers excessive worries, anxiety, mental fog, and confusion
– activates the survival instinct and exaggerated emotional reactions
– consumes massive quantities of vital energy. If you don’t stop the mental chattering, it burns you out
– feels limited and compelling

The soul/intuition:

– is far larger than the rational mind
– is not resistant; it accepts whatever is beneficial for its growth and expansion
– perceives every obstacle as an opportunity to evolve
– is not emotional; it operates from a profound and quiet place
– feels like a deep sense of knowing and understanding
– is based on the present moment, which is eternal, and sends messages through the body
– intuition is not linear knowledge, and it doesn’t come from the intellect; it comes from energy, vibrations, meditation, quieting your mind, and connecting with your body
– is silence, love, freedom, patience, and compassion
– doesn’t seek confirmations, security, and certainties; it’s comfortable in the middle of spiritual transformations
– is highly charged with positive energy and vitality
– feels more at home and expressive in the middle of nature

If you feel overwhelmed by the signals you receive both from your mind and your soul, take time just to be. Although fear is not real, its effects on our body are both real and consuming. Permit yourself to be still and not doing anything.

What always helps me to reconnect with my intuition during my change processes is meditation with positive affirmations (find out more information here). The more I tune into my body through relaxation, healing sounds, and powerful suggestions, the more I rediscover my true power. Moreover, when you make a habit of meditation, you continuously recharge your batteries, clear your mind, nurture your soul, boost your positive vibrations, and attract abundance. You can learn more about the audio meditation programs I use HERE.

Whether you’re working through a difficult period of your life, you’re in the middle of a complicated relationship, or you need to make a challenging move, give yourself space to breathe and be present. Trust the process and accept whatever comes as an opportunity to become stronger, wiser, and a more compassionate person.


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