Sometimes You Need to Blow Things Up to See What Is Meant for You

Sometimes, you need to fire bridges to people or things you built and put your soul in. Over and over again.

Why? Well, to see what is there to stay. What is real and what is not.

Maybe you’ll need confirmation you walk on solid ground and you can build great, lasting things.

Don’t fret.

What is meant for you will remain yours, no matter how hard the challenges are.

Some people see in black and white situations that reveal themselves to me as complex, sensitive, and profound. How is that possible?

Perhaps the education that we received is what makes the difference, the willingness to capture the essence, the patience to debate complicated situations, or the level of emotional maturity. Who knows?

Nevertheless, those people probably won’t understand why one would feel the need to destroy and rebuild. Not once, but few times.

Since one can’t perceive the subtle and deep aspects of certain problems, means they would probably make hasty decisions.

They will not invest energy, time, or effort in complicated matters of life.

That is OK; it is just another way of living.

But for me, for building lasting and authentic dreams, I need to know that the foundation is reliable, trustworthy.

It may sound sadistic.

Why would I put myself through challenging tests, pushing my own limits, triggering painful circumstances, consuming thoughts, and emotions?

Because, I am driven by a strong need to understand myself and the situations I find myself in, especially in matters that have a profound connection with my mind, soul, and spirit.

Likewise, I believe that authentic growth calls for pain as it involves stretching and coming out from the old ways of thinking.

Dissolving crucial paradigms from the past is rarely a smooth, unpainful process.

Moreover, firing and blowing up things in your life is sometimes the fastest way to see how strong they really are.

Do they have roots or are they a fantasy in which you invested an enormous amount of energy, making it feel real?

You see, destroying is a good and necessary choice sometimes.

It brings up the real essence, reveals weighty truths, and transforms you in ways you never thought were possible.

If you lose something is because it was never yours in the first place, and if other things stick no matter how hard you blew them up, then they belong to you, and you can build lasting dreams on them.

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