What If We Have Been Programmed To Believe Lies?

Maybe everything we have been taught so far is wrong.

Who says we have been living the truth?

Perhaps our paradigms are so limited, or even false, that we need to recreate most of our beliefs from scratch. Then we can create a new, authentic, and different life based on the courage to challenge what we have been told.

What if we start doubting some of the ideas that society encourages us to adopt and believe in?

What if we’ve repeated the same patterns over and over again, without even exploring new paths or new ways of thinking and doing things?

It’s so interesting and exciting to see what happens when we start opening our minds to the idea that our paradigms might have been both so wrong and so deeply-rooted in our existence that we merely ‘dare’ to listen to our gut.

So much fear, so much doubt suffocates the voice of our souls.

All this because we have been programmed to follow the crowd and do things that don’t really represent us.

We have been trained to be obedient, to respect rules, and to never question traditions or conventional wisdom.

But what if we let our souls guide us?

What if we refused to choose out of fear?

What if we dared to express our real needs, gifts, and inner callings?

What if we chose to make our own rules in this game that we call life?

What if we came to understand that our experience on Earth is about being happy, tasting pleasure abundantly, living our dreams, giving back to others, inspiring, and expanding?

There are no guarantees out there. There is no safety net. The only safe, dependable, and centered place exists within yourself. It is your own truth. Your own inner guide. Your soul.

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