5 Signs You’ve Met a Significant Person in Your Life

Although we are not all at the same level of sensitivity and intuition, we can extend our abilities by being more in tune with our bodies and observing ourselves no matter where we are.

When you meet someone for the first time, your unconscious emotional radar activates instantly. It plays an essential role in gathering information, connecting you with the world and protecting you from potentially harmful people at the same time.

Significant people in our lives (who will influence us at a deep level) make their presence known in distinctive ways from the first encounter. Besides that, our bodies always react and let us know that there’s something important we need to pay attention to.

So here are 5 signs that tell you that you have encountered a significant person in your life:

1. You Feel it in Your Whole Body

Someone who will stir up profound changes within you (mentally or emotionally) emanates a distinctive energy. He or she attracts you in a way that you can’t explain clearly. There’s something that makes you want to learn more, find more, see more. You sense it at a deep level. It makes your body, mind, and soul feel alive.

2. Long Visual Contacts

It’s one of the first hints. Our eyes are our most sincere way of communication. We express what we think and feel through them even when we don’t want to. That “can’t take my eyes off of you” kind of feeling is a clear message that you should pay attention to whatever is going on. Of course, you can ignore it or fight it, but it doesn’t mean that it will vanish. On the contrary, it will grow more urgent as time goes on.

3. Reciprocity

When someone enters your life to stay or to bring you something valuable, they feel it too. Even though they may be unaware of what they think or feel about you at first, the dynamic of the relationship is based on reciprocity. A mutual attraction or curiosity is what deepens the relationship.

4. The Ability to Talk About Everything

The openness, receptiveness, and a fluid communication are symptoms of a significant encountering. Both of you feel that you can discuss anything with each other although you don’t really know each other. A mutual sense of deep trust is what defines your relationship. Even though your rational mind can’t explain it, your body and soul are naturally in tune with the other person.

5. A Sense of Familiarity

It’s like you go to a place you’ve never been before, but where somehow feel like you are home. Have you ever experienced this feeling? It’s kind of the same when you meet a significant person in your life. And he or she feels it too. This sensation gives you a feeling of deep trust and safety.

So there you have it. Now you can more easily spot a person who is meant to be in your life, regardless of the spiritual purpose or the amount of time that you will spend together.

Please feel free to share your experiences with significant encounters, and tell us about any hints that helped you get a sense of the depth of the relationship in the comments section below.

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