A Charismatic Mind Inspires and Motivates

A good person may inspire and motivate you to do and to be more by merely being herself/himself.

The very fact that you are in the same room with such a person gives you energy. They inspire you to be present with your whole being. Their vibes are positive and light. It’s their mind and soul energy that makes them radiate. 

A valuable man is always ready to invest the time and energy to improve and grow irrespective of age or social status. He is like wine. The more time passes, the better he becomes. And the more attractive he is. 

When you meet such person, you want to stay near them because you like this feeling. You truly love it because you vibrate on the same frequency with this person. You know there is an authentic connection, beyond everything that is obvious. There is something that it is worth it, regardless of its nature.

Be it friendship or love or friendship and love at the same time; you understand there is something different and you taste the dynamic of this relationship with every bit of yourself.

A valuable man is like spring. He or she helps you blossom and makes you more beautiful and rich. It’s not because he is always warm; even his “rains” nurture you. You know it’s spring even if it gets cloudy.

Charismatic minds that attract each other keep their individuality while they inspire each other to get closer to the best version of themselves. That’s the power of authenticity, spiritual growth and being centered in the deepest values. 

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