How to Empower Your Relationships With Solitude

Sometimes it seems like people are telling us that spending time alone is a bad thing. As this message sinks deeper into the unconscious mind, it becomes an unhealthy belief that leads to a desperate struggle to avoid being alone at all cost. Ironically, the more you fear being alone, the more likely it will be that people try to get away from you. No matter whether you veer into becoming clingy or show other signs of being insecure, people prefer to be around authentic people than ones that are struggling to find themselves.

The Continual Denial of how Good it Feels to Spend Time Alone Makes it Impossible to Get in Touch With Deeply Personal and Inner truths

The result?

We suffer at a deep level without even realizing it. While too much solitude or being alone is never a good thing, it is necessary for wellness and wholeness to satisfy that craving.

When you re-learn how to be present in your own presence, you will realize that you can never run from your true essence; let alone deny it for very long. No matter how much you try to ignore it, suppress it, or make it go away, your true essence will just pop up again and remind you of who and what you really are.

Spending Time by Yourself Is a Blessing

It brings out our authentic and wild selves. It connects us with the most potent energies that were dormant inside our bodies. Above all, it gives us the opportunity to meet our deepest needs and desires.

How can we expect others to understand and love us if we don’t know and cherish ourselves?

How can you taste the best of life from romance to a favorite food at a profound level if you don’t first love and delight in your own presence and energy?

Regardless of Your Relationship Status, Solitude Is the Most Organic Way to Replenish Your Body, Mind, and Soul

It’s the doorway to your deepest personal treasures, and also to your most blissful relationships.

Being alone does not require a lot of money or complicated equipment.

Just sit quietly in a chair or lay in bed and breathe deeply to tap into your own vibrations and acknowledge what your body needs. Spend time in nature, cook a meal, or tend some houseplants.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you enjoy the surroundings and pay attention to your connection with yourself and everything that you see, touch, smell. Being alone is about observing and being receptive. It’s about standing in your true power.

Once you get a glimpse of the underpinning of your true self, you taste freedom, power, and beauty. From that position, it becomes possible to be with others and truly enjoy all that the world has to offer regardless of whether you are alone or not.

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