Our Heart Knows Beyond Reason

There are things that you just know in your heart. These kinds of feelings don’t need confirmations because they don’t belong to you; they simply exist within you. You can become conscious of their presence and feel yourself while experiencing them. There’s nothing else you can do about them.

There’s no point in trying to understand them because they are not rooted in your physical body, nor you control them. Therefore, you are not the one who experiences them; they experience themselves through you, and they usually dwell within you for a long time.

Memories From the Future

During your growing process, you learn that these inner truths are actually memories from the future about people, places, and experiences that happen somewhere on the timeline.

Time, as it occurs to us, doesn’t really exist. Everything is taking place now. If you grow mindful and receptive, you become aware of this truth.

Sometimes, you look in the eyes of someone that you’ve just met and you feel them integrated into both your future and your past as if they have deep roots in your life and you’ve known them forever.

Affinities, chemistry, soul connection, deja-vu, past lives—who knows? There’s no point in trying to find a reason for them.

Our Heart and Mind Cast and Receive Energetic Signals

As you move forward in your growing process, you learn that no matter how irrational it may be, what you know deep down in your heart is authentic. You just need to pay attention and to trust the process beyond reason.

We all communicate through some kind of antenna that casts and receives energetic signals, thoughts, emotions, dreams, fears, joy and love. Rational limits have no power when someone radiates strong feelings, for “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.“(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)


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