The Roles That People Play in Our Lives

Learn to understand the role that people have in your life – they are not all the same. At every stage of life, each of them has a gift to offer.

They are not all your friends. Some of them may be mentors. Others can be mentees. Some people may call themselves your friends just because you spend a lot of time together and share secrets with one another. But it’s not necessarily true. For instance, your family members play different roles, and your life partner plays another.

Don’t try to squeeze people in boxes. Let them be what they can be for you. Let them go when they need to go.

Life Means Change

It flows. The easier your adapt to transformations, the quicker you come to understand that life is a blessing. The highest form of grace. It’s when you start questioning its mysteries, and courses that you become attached and confused.

People in our lives are part of this beautiful mystery. And like everything else, they change. We all change.

Relationships Transform Themselves Into Something Different

Sometimes two people who were indifferent to each other start resonating and develop a soul connection. Other times, a relationship that was tight and loving becomes fragile and bitter. Also, there are connections that despite all the differences, changes and adversities last a lifetime.

No matter how much logic and ration we apply to our relationships, they remain as they are to their core. It’s only when we change that they change too.

Relationships Go Hand in Hand With Knowing Yourself

As stated earlier, learning to differentiate the parts that people play in our lives helps you discern your feelings for them and let go to all the false expectations. They are not all your friends, partners in crime, fathers or mothers, life partners, mentors or mentees. Relationships go hand in hand with knowing yourself, establishing barriers and also opening your whole being.

You are the one who chooses who gets in and how they get in, as well as who stays out and why.


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