If You Want to Make Others Happy, Don’t Postpone Your Happiness

Nowadays, too many of us are constantly struggling with the emotional conflict between what we really need and what others expect from us. “I have obligations, my family and friends need me. I can’t disappoint them by following my own happiness. It would be a selfish thing to do.” Does it sound – or feel – familiar to you? Maybe you’ve been telling yourself this or heard it from a friend or family member. Either way, here’s the truth about postponing your happiness for the sake of others…

What’s best for you is always the best for others too

In a nutshell, your greatest good is always the greatest good for those who matter to you, too. It’s a universal law. Things are designed that way because we all connect to each other on the most profound energetic level. If you experience a significant state of separation within yourself, it would be an illusion to believe that you are helpful to anyone.

Helping others to fulfill their purpose in life

Sometimes when you decide to respect your inner calling, people you love may experience negative emotions such as feelings of abandonment, confusion, or vulnerability. But the truth is that at a deeper level, they learn to become stronger and find their own happiness, independent of your help. Are they whole and complete if their emotional sanity and wellbeing depend on you? Is this an authentic way for them to live their life? And while there are clinching to your energy are they really following their genuine purpose in life?

Or let me ask you something else: if by any case (hypothetically speaking) their happiness was built on your self-sacrifice, would it be fair?

Here’s the thing: you can only offer your authentic support and your healthy energy when you are whole and aligned to your true purpose in life. The energy that emerges from living according to your essential values is the healthiest and the most powerful.

If you truly love the people in your life, make sure you truly love yourself

Loving yourself means taking good care of your own emotional and mental sanity, and respecting your dreams and your needs. I’m not saying that we should become inaccessible to those who love us. I’m saying that it’s vital to find a way to be open and available to them while making progress towards our wholeness at the same time. The better you are, the more you have to offer them.


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