What if You Weren’t Emotionally Dependent Anymore?

Being emotionally dependent is a controversial topic. Many people think that it’s not possible to love without being entirely attached to the other person. Even though they experience a lot of pain, confusion, and frustration in their relationships, they believe it’s normal. They don’t seek out others options. They don’t ask themselves tough questions. Consequently, they remain in a weak and harmful state of mind. Are these people making the right choice to resign themselves to being emotionally dependent upon another for their own happiness? Is love really impossible without toxic feelings?

If you struggle with emotionally dependency, experience blockages, and suffering in your life, and want to explore other options, then this post is for you.


What Are the Causes of Emotional Dependency?

It’s simple. The causes are always within you. Therefore, you have the ability to free yourself and love fully without fears and insecurities. The choice is yours.

The question is: are you 1000% willing to make a profound change in your understanding? Are you truly committed to improving your emotional health and freeing others from the responsibility of making you happy? Then let’s dive a little deeper.

Feeling insecure and continuously seeking approval or affection are directly correlated with your capacity to love yourself. Furthermore, being open, vulnerable and caring is only possible when you trust your power to attract whatever is best for you. Moreover, manifesting your higher good has to do with you being self-conscious and centered.


How Can You Bloom and Flourish in Love (Without Toxic Attachment)?

Emotional dependency blocks your power to love fully and be present in your relationships. You can’t offer anything to others that you don’t experience within yourself.

Being attached has nothing to do with the capacity to bloom and flourish in love. In fact, the emotional attachment means that you change your inner state and feelings depending on the other person’s mood. It causes massive loss of energy and mental confusion and keeps you from blooming and flourishing. You probably know it already.

In contrast, when you practice self-love and concentrate your attention on the things that make you happy, you gain power. Do you want to experience this kind of inner balance?

Meditation combined with positive affirmations is probably the most powerful method for achieving a harmonious state of mind. If you are new to our website and want to know more about audio meditation programs, check-out the post How to Attract Love using Meditation and Positive Affirmations.

Also, you can use sports, music, dancing, sculpting, writing, reading, or long walks as forms of meditation. Whatever makes you vibrant and happy has an enormous impact on your emotional health.


The Key to Having Fulfilling Connections to Others

Cultivating mind power, inner peace, and positive energy unblocks your emotional freedom. As a result, you become more and more compassionate, warm, and relaxed in your relationships. You get to fully experience love by offering it to yourself and others.

Remember: you can’t give something you don’t have. Practice self-love and believe in your capacity to attract what’s best for you. As a result, you will let everyone in your life be the way they are, and accept them that way. Furthermore, you will regain your power and free the people you care about from being responsible for giving you what you need.




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