3 Powerful Ways to Manifest More of What You Truly Want

Even though winter tends to be a quiet and slow season, we can still use its energy to harness our creative potential. In fact, these are the best days for contemplation, meditation, and manifesting more of what we truly want.

As the trees get ready to bud and blossom in spring, we should also set the stage for positive personal changes and a new, higher phase of our lives. Here are three manifesting rituals that can accelerate all your endeavors:

1. Cleanse your house energy through smudging

Smudging can sound weird or complicated. In reality, it is an easy and pleasant thing to do. It’s an ancient and sacred ritual used to clear low and stuck energies. Also, our Egyptian and Roman ancestors perfumed the air with the incense they burned.

Before any other ritual, purifying your space is a critical step. Smudging means burning sacred herbs (such as sage), frankincense, or Palo santo (Sacred Wood). As you complete this ritual, you’ll feel more and more at ease and protected by a higher force. It has a profound effect on the mental, emotional, and even the physical level.

The art of smudging is also scientifically supported. Studies show that the smoke cleanses the air of harmful bacteria. Cat Criger (University of Toronto) describes this ceremony as “metaphorically washing your hands in the smoke.”

Also, a 2007 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology observed that “smudging can completely eliminate airborne bacteria in a confined space.”

2. Meditate at least 10 minutes in the evening

Going to your personal and quiet space at the end of the day allows you to recharge your batteries. Besides giving you deep rest, meditating helps you create new and vibrant energetic codes.

Simply put, meditation means being present in your own body and breathing deeply. Being aware of the miracle that YOU are, and allowing yourself just to be.

Studies show that practicing meditation at least 10 minutes every day has numerous positive effects such as:

  • calming your mind,
  • increasing your level of energy,
  • strengthening your immune system,
  • improving concentration,
  • building mental clarity and emotional strength,
  • promoting mental and physical relaxation,
  • rejuvenation

Moreover, making meditating an evening ritual catalyzes the process of manifesting. No matter what you choose to create in your life, the fresh and powerful energy that comes from connecting with your thoughts and emotions works like magic. You’ll start to notice more and more positive events taking place in your life, wonderful people coming your way and lots of incredible opportunities opening up.

3. Manifest more by creating a powerful positive affirmation

If you’ve never worked with affirmations before, it may be a little hard at first to stick to this habit. But once you develop a strong connection with a positive suggestion you choose for yourself, you begin more and more to appreciate its power.

A positive affirmation is a proposition or a phrase that reflects what you want, the way you understand life or your values. For example:

I always trust myself.
I attract prosperity into my life.
Life is always on my side.
I am healthy, whole, and complete.
I am love.

No matter what you need to attract into your life, you can simply put it in words and repeat it as often as you remember. Once you develop this habit, your subconscious mind will begin to translate your new belief into physical things, experiences, circumstances, and people that come into your life.
Our mind functions based on thinking patterns. Everything that we experience in our lives has a correspondent in our belief system. As we create new habits of thinking, we reshape our lives.

You can also combine meditation with positive affirmations, which is probably the most effective way to transform your beliefs and manifest more of what you truly desire to experience. You can find out more about audio meditation programs HERE.

So there you have three simple and powerful ways to connect with your inner resources and create abundance in your life. No matter where you find yourself to be right now, you can always choose to use your emotions and your thoughts to manifest the changes you need.

Please, feel free to share your own manifesting habits with us as we all learn from each other during our journies.


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