5 Keys to Make the Best of Your Positive Affirmations

Many people who begin to work toward self-improvement on a mental, spiritual and personal level start experiencing frustration. Their dissatisfaction is often linked to the fact that they don’t see the results. At least, not as soon as they expect. Are you in this situation too? Are you working with meditation and positive affirmations towards a more profound happiness, but you only seem to cause yourself more struggle? If that’s you, this article will guide you through five of the most important keys to making the best of your positive suggestions and manifesting a greater fulfillment in your everyday life.

1. Thoughts Are Magnetic Forms of Energy

In order to make your daily meditation work at its best for you, you need to understand that your mind literally creates your external reality. Every thought and every emotion has a level of high or low vibration which magnetizes everything that is in tune with it.

High vibrational energies include love, thankfulness, trust, an open heart, joy, and compassion. Low frequencies include fear, hate, anger, blaming, and lack of self-loving. When you work with your suggestions, make sure that you operate from the highest states of mind. Therefore, the thoughts you emanate from this place gain force to attract everything that’s positive and beneficial to you. Understanding this simple yet powerful principle propels you toward a new level of spiritual maturity.

2. Tap Into Your Most Profound and Authentic Values

The awakening process is closely connected to being aligned with your core truths. No amount of positive suggestions can create an inspired, fulfilling life for you if you aren’t in tune with your true calling, needs, and values.Therefore, it’s essential that you explore your deepest (and sometimes scariest) parts of yourself.

You will eventually discover that inside of your body lies a strong, burning desire to manifest your gifts and create a life that truly serves you at the same time. Your core values drive this energetic force. What is it that you most treasure, want, and believe in life? What are you passionate about? What makes your soul sparkle? You don’t have to spend years trying to figure out your values. If you are open and embrace every part of you, your inner essence will unfold.

3. Repetition Is The Key to Mental Reprogramming

Whatever you choose to work on, do it on a daily basis. Repeating your positive affirmations as often as possible eases and accelerates your transformational process. Most people who conclude that their meditation combined with suggestions routine doesn’t produce the results they need aren’t totally committed to their own personal growth. Perseverance is magic in action. You need to fill your mind with positive intentions up to the point you feel every cell of your body saturated. Embodying your declarations is a powerful way to tap into the amazing potential of the Universe.

4. Trust That the Universe is Taking Care of You

The more open you can become to the ways through which the Universe operates, the smoother your process becomes. You won’t even have to ask what you want; it will come to you in the most natural way. Along my transformational journey, I’ve noticed the magical effects that trust gives rise to.

At first, it can be really difficult to let go of all your old, limiting beliefs and embrace the unknown. Not only are you attached to your current reality, but you also encounter a lot of doubts and uncertainties linked to new ideas. Nonetheless, it’s vital to develop a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself.

As long as you do your part, the Universe will always infuse massive positive energy into your life. With this openness to explore the unknown and to trust whatever comes your way, you start giving real power to your intentions and positive affirmations.

5. Use Professional Audio Meditation Programs

What helped me along my developmental process was this: I explored and practiced with perseverance different methods of relaxation and mental reprogramming until I discovered what supported me the most. For me, it was audio mental training based on meditation combined with positive suggestions. This kind of audio program is meant to induce the most profound state of relaxation through complex sound stimuli such as binaural beats, monoaural beats, isochronic tones, and meditation music. It also contains positive affirmations and subliminal suggestions that operate as a catalyzer for your subconscious reprogramming and your whole transformation. You can find more information about this technology HERE.

As much as we want to make it on our own in our growth and development journey, we still need help and support. Exploring different ways of reducing stress and enhancing your positive intentions for a better life will guide you to what fits you the best.

If you have already discovered other ways to improve your results with meditation and suggestions, feel free to share them with us by submitting your comment below this article.

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