The Essential Key to Making the Right Choice

Have you ever been in the situation where you had to make a choice without knowing all the factors of the equation? Have you ever experienced the conflict between the mind’s logic and the wishes of your heart or questioned another’s real intentions toward you?


The Healthiest Choice Is in Alignment with Your Personal Truth

I am sure you have been there at least one time in your life. As we encounter different people and situations in our growing journey, we come to understand more about our truest needs and desires. When you turn on your inner observer and gradually detach yourself from old beliefs, it becomes easier to feel what is in alignment with your personal truth. Therefore you have the power to make the healthiest choice of all.


Tuning into the Realm of Pure Potentiality

The paradox is that detachment is full of both uncertainty and possibilities. This may not seem to be the easiest tools to use to make up your mind. However, detachment means pure potentiality, and it is the core that helps you connect to your deepest, authentic nature.


“In the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known. Our past is the prison of past conditioning.” (Deepak Chopra)


In spite of the fact that attaching meaning to things is part of the way our brains function when faced with making a choice, you can learn to let go of rational expectations. How? By understanding one simple fact: within you lies a guiding, omnipotent, and omniscient intelligence that holds the solution to your problem or the answer to your indecision. For that reason, no logical or emotional choice is valid. They come both from attachment and therefore they create an unclear vision.


The Key Lies in Reconnecting to the Energetic Wisdom of the Body

The signal for what is healthy or harmful to you comes from your deepest nature, which always expresses itself through your body. Your heart may be in love or filled with anger and your mind may be attached to old beliefs, fears or limited ideas. However, the body always lives in the present moment.


Your heart, your lungs, your blood, your pulse, your breath, and every cell of your body are connected to the truth: all there is NOW. Not the past, not the future, but just this very moment. Being present with your mind, heart, and body means opening yourself to uncertainty and possibilities. Presence is the most powerful key to detachment and choosing to be in alignment with your truest nature.


The Bridge to a Deeper Knowledge

When you find yourself insecure and not knowing which path to choose, stay grounded. Quiet your mind and connect to your body. Consider it the bridge to your intuition. See whether you feel comfortable or uneasy in a situation or relationship. At the same time, learn to discern the difference between emotions and feelings. Emotions derive from your thoughts. Feelings derive from a deeper knowledge and express themselves through bodily sensations.


You may stumble and fall in this practice, but keep doing it. Keep opening yourself to new possibilities and the unknown. The right choice for you is always a matter of personal truth; it’s never a pre-defined rule.


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