How to Get in Touch With Your True Commitment

We are naturally (and sometimes unconsciously) driven towards something valuable to us: freedom, love, financial abundance, human connections, professional recognition, stability or perhaps traveling. In order to know your direction at every stage of your life, you must understand your core energetic commitment.

When You Don’t Want What You Say You Want

If your conscious decisions don’t match your subconscious commitment and needs, you’ll experience blockages, dissatisfaction, and low performances.

For instance, your rational mind might say it’s time for you to get a decent job in order to make a good living and start a family because that’s what everyone else does. If your natural drive is freedom and exploring the world, you are going to unconsciously sabotage your job and your relationship.

The fear of taking a different path than your friends and family could close off your true feelings, which would cause suffering, confusion, and a lot of wasted energy.

Your Core Feelings are Your Compass in Life

In one of my previous articles The Essential Key to Making the Right Choice, I explained that using your feelings as a guide calls for tuning into your body’s wisdom. To start working together with your subconscious on a more consistent basis, you must get in touch with your core sensations. Denying them will eventually lead you to failure no matter how much you use your logic or do something just because you think you’re supposed to.

Instead of fighting your natural needs and trying to adjust to others expectations, practice openness. Authenticity is a powerful instrument that expresses beauty, creativity, abundance, and inspiration. With this in mind, invest your energy in aligning to your true nature.

Practice whatever helps you get in touch with your body. Music, dancing, meditation and sound healing, getting out in nature, art, sports, smudging with sage, or any therapy that suits you. Moreover, to discover your authentic commitment, use your feelings as a compass. Find something that gives you pleasure and makes you feel happy, then invest more time in doing it. On the contrary, when something feels off or wrong, that’s a signal from your body telling you that you need to pay attention to what it really needs.

Signs that you are moving in the wrong direction

1. The steps you take ahead trigger mixed feelings of anxiety, confusion, and discomfort

2. You often get sick, have a low level of excitement and feel uncomfortable or tired around happy, positive people

3. You experience repeated blockages, and/or a lack of inspiration and motivation

4. You have a hard time accepting things as they are, but at the same time you invest a significant amount of energy in justifying your choices

5. Using substances (such as foods, alcohol, or drugs) or distracting activities (such as virtual games, betting, watching TV, helping others without them asking you to, etc.) as a substitute for what you truly need

6. Old structures fall apart, but you remain attached to them and use all your efforts to hold them together as a protection against the unknown

7. You meet a significant person in your life who involuntarily brings out doubts and confusion regarding your present path and choices

8. You become aggressive or blame the ones who endanger the false certainty that you’re in, projecting your dissatisfaction on them

If you experience more than three or four of these symptoms at this stage of your life, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the path you chose and start exploring ways to get in touch with your true commitment. In the end, what matters is your emotional health and your capacity to live a fulfilled life. With this in mind, always remember that your highest good is the highest good for the ones connected to you as well. It’s just how the Universe works.


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