Keep the Magic of Following Big Dreams Alive

Have you ever wondered why certain people succeed to fulfill their greatest dreams while others continuously wrestle with daily worries and problems?

Maybe you’ve been there yourself or have difficulty coping with financial issues, lousy health or bad relationships. Perhaps you are reading this now because you are determined to follow your dreams and become one of those happy people. I also have a big vision that I am committed to pursuing and believe that it will lead to the great happiness for me and all those who I am able to reach.

…And then there’s the day to day reality, the hard work that makes those wonderful dreams look like a morning’s gentle fog being burned off by the merciless sun on a hot summer day. How can it even be possible to keep the magic and make those beautiful visions come alive?

Dare to Imagine What Others Can’t Envision for Themselves

First of all, I have found out that I must dare to imagine boldly. I must be willing and able to seek, find, and accept things that others don’t dare to dream of. Dreams and any hope of bringing them to life die when you allow yourself to be influenced by standard rules and preconceptions. Most people tend to follow known and safe paths that have been walked by others.

While this instinct is natural and part of finding ways to avoid unnecessary risk and pain, that doesn’t always make it right. Sometimes you never know what internal pain people have suffered on those known trails that could have been avoided by forging ahead into unknown territory. Nevertheless, the truth is that the ones who live the life they dream do step off the known paths and thrive as a result.

If You Can Dream of It, You Can Conceive It

By following and living my own dreams, I learned that if my mind can conceive it, then I can make it happen. It was quite a startling discovery to see that I was unable to achieve or materialize much when I didn’t imagine or “dream” of what I wanted first. Resources, people, circumstances, and places I created in my mind came alive. Even this website is a result of that process. Native English speaker or not, my heart speaks to you, and I share with you my vision of reaching people around the world to help them step into bigger, better, happier realities.

How to Fuel Your Vision Day by Day

To keep your dreams alive and on the path to becoming reality, you must feed them every day. There are many ways to feed your dreams. First, find out new information about the object of your desire. Always cultivate positive emotions and enthusiasm. These two steps are most important when you encounter an obstacle. The more you know and the more positive you feel, the better chance you have of overcoming the limitation and moving forward.

Also, you must also surround yourself with people who dream big themselves and are as enthusiastic as you are. By doing so, you cultivate a great ability to focus on the things that really matter.

When feeling discouraged, remember that there are thousands of people who make their dreams come true every day because of their determination. It is only when you engage yourself 1000% in working on your vision that you understand the power of belief and commitment. It is only then that you live the life you came here to live and do the things you were meant to do.

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