Our Model of Reality Makes Us who We Are

As human beings, there is an understandable innate tendency to shape our inner world according to the outside world or environment. Without this tendency, we would have a very difficult time surviving in the physical world and being productive members of society.

As a case in point, let’s say an inner reality completely divorced from the outside world concludes that there is no need for you to believe in the power of your beliefs.

Nevertheless, the “outer reality” of your body has a definite and legitimate need for the kinds of change that such a belief brings into your life. If your “inner reality” prevents you from exploring and understanding how your beliefs impact your body; illness, poverty, and many other problems occur. Many times, it is not possible to find a lasting solution to these problems until you confront those beliefs and adjust them.

Just Because Others Say You Should Do it, Doesn’t Mean That You Should Actually Do it

This doesn’t mean that your inner reality has to be a slave to the environment or your physical body. Rather, you can, and should pose reasonable challenges to the shaping action of external forces on your inner landscape. Returning to the power of beliefs analogy, let’s say some “expert” tells you that you must make certain lifestyle choices in order to be happy. Let’s also say that, for one reason or another, this information is incorrect and you know it to be wrong. Just because something external is attempting to adjust your beliefs, that does not mean you have an obligation to change just because someone else says you should.

If anything, you have a far more serious obligation to challenge and, ultimately, reject harmful external impacts on your outer reality, and just as importantly, hidden impacts on your inner landscape.

Unless you challenge the shaping action of the outside world on your inner world, it can prevent you from reaching your highest potential.

This continual enslavement also prevents you from realizing that you do, in fact, create all aspects of your reality and that you are always living by your own rules.

While there may be certain processes and external rules that must be preserved, that doesn’t mean you are anywhere near as powerless as you have been led to believe.

One of the fastest ways to step into your own power and live by your own rules involves reshaping your inner landscape to what you want it to be instead of always going along with what the outer world says you have to be.

In my journey, the more I dare to go beyond old limiting beliefs and act on my intuition, the clearer I see the fallacy of “absolute truths” and even “facts”.

If you stop and think about it, everything you take to be an “absolute truth”, or a “fact” was either taught by someone else or “taught” through experience. In some cases, those experiences may not even have been accurate representations of the world around you for one reason or another. I sometimes find myself amazed by the force that those paradigms have upon our free will.

Artificial Lenses That Block us From Seeing the Truth

Every time I challenge an old way of thinking and become curious about other ways of seeing the world, some emotional and mental personal structures seem to fall apart and then disappear. Were it not for my memory of the life choices and consequences of those beliefs, it is as if they never existed. Each of these veils feels like lies that had to be challenged and pushed aside so they could no longer block me from perceiving the simple truth: our beliefs make our world.

Not only do these artificial lenses blind you, but they also become a “reality” filled with limitations.

The loss of free will and true autonomy is a subtle process.

Once you start seeing limitations, you eventually lose awareness of other possible realities that stay dormant within.

To put it differently, it’s like locking yourself up in chains and forgetting you have the keys. Because there are a much higher directive and purpose to incarnating into this world, you can never actually throw the keys away and will be continually pushed to use them in order to set yourself free. Indeed, because your power cannot be given away or stolen, and because you created your reality in the first place, you are also the only person that can get rid of those chains.

You Can Create Your Own Version of Reality

Is there a more satisfying alternative to adjusting your aspirations and authentic nature to external models and expectations?

Yes, there is, and you must know with every fiber of your being that you can create your own model(s) of reality based on your values, dreams, and needs.

“Our definition of what is normal is nothing more than what is programmed into us.” (V. Lakhiani)

Every day, I see more people taking bold steps outside of the boxes created by society, religion and culture, and, instead, living based upon own beliefs about what their lifestyle should be. These people inspire me and others by sharing what they learn through the process of coming to know themselves and following their dreams. It often seems like the most important message they convey is that you can choose a model of reality that supports and helps you become healthy, fulfilled and happy.

The Reality We Live in Is Mainly a Matter of Perception

Therefore, our external conditions depend on the beliefs we choose to cultivate about ourselves and the world. Identifying limiting patterns, regardless of their age and origin involves stripping away what you think you have learned, or what you think you know.

Following your true aspirations, success, and happiness will always entail coming down to replacing fear with curiosity and being open to change.

Whenever you face a thought, memory, or feeling that lessens your freedom or inhibits you from following your intuition ask yourself a simple question: “What if?”.

What if I do what I was told I’m not supposed to do?

What if I approach things from a new angle?

What if I make one more step toward my dream?

What if? This curiosity is what will allow you to create a new model of reality that matches your dream, empowers and supports us to grow and inspire others because when you do something different, the outcome also changes. When you do the same things over and over again, the outcome is always the same. Today, I invite you to ask “What if”, and do something different based on your inner world and its instincts instead of always following the world of outer limitations.


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