Set Your Intention in the Universe and Trust the Process

When it comes to setting your intention regarding a project, business, personal care or a relationship, the hardest, messiest and therefore the most confusing part is letting go of expectations on how things are supposed to go.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that whenever you clear your vision & set a strong intention, changes are about to take place. Profound transformation. In & out.

You cannot put out there what you need to manifest and at the same time control its course by holding on to what seems logical or appropriate to you.

Once you launch your most powerful intention in the Universe, be prepared for the unexpected & remain open to any changes that occur. Trust the process.

The process through which your vision becomes reality is beyond your imagination.

For this reason, it’s essential that you let go of everything you believe to be right or wrong, good or bad, necessary or unnecessary.

It’s crucial that you don’t hold on to specific things or at least if you ask for a certain person to be in your life, a certain answer from your boss, or a certain amount of money in your account, let go of any attachment. Be flexible, hand over your need to the Universe and let it give you what is truly best for you. Surrender.

Don’t remain stuck in what you think you want.

There are millions of other things that you don’t comprehend that could interfere with your intention. It’s not your duty to control the manifestation process.

That’s why in the long run, I always recommend that you know your profound values and set your intentions according to them. Other people have their own course of life – their own experience to live. The same with specific things that you hold on to; they may be not what you believe them to be.

Ultimately, if you know in your soul that a certain experience or person is meant for you, it will manifest into your life naturally; there’s even no need for you to ask it over & over again or to push things into that direction. We only try to force them when we are not sure that they are in the store for us. And that says something, doesn’t it?

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